• DJ's

    Every Friday and Saturday be entertained in the Star Bar by the Seychelles BEST DJs.

  • Spin To Win with Multipliers

    Every Saturday everybody has a chance to Spin To Win up to SCR 10,000 promo every hour from 8pm to 1am.

    Whatever amount spun is multiplied by the “Multiplier”

    • Blue Card Members x 2.5
    • Gold & Platinum Card Members x 5

  • Star Casino Cash Lotteries

    Every Saturday everybody has a chance to win SCR 1,000 CASH in the Star Casino Cash Lottery at 2am.

  • New Years Eve Lottery

    Welcome with us a new year.

    There’s something for everyone this December. Join in for your chance to win prizes and much more!

  • Live Music at Star Casino

    LIVE at Star Casino Relation Band
    Saturday, 6th August 2022
    Join us for a memorable night, 7 pm to 9 pm

Upcoming Events

More events coming soon...